Dates (AV Retriever)

FT Entry Form or via FTMS

AV Retriever All Aged Stake – 24th October (closing date 6th October)

AV Retriever Novice Stake – 6th December (closing date 17th November)


DECLARATION: Before entering your dog in this novice trial, please read the following statements and if you, as the owner/handler and/or your dog do not meet the criteria required, please refrain from entering any field trials until this has been achieved.

• I have helped at a field trial
• I have read the current copy of the J Regulations
• I have had my dog out on shooting days
• My dog has picked wounded game
• My dog is steady to shot off the lead
• My dog is steady, off the lead, when another dog is sent for a retrieve
• As far as I am aware, my dog has no recurring eliminating faults

Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club