Results of the Exmoor Gundog Club AV Retriever Novice Stake held today (8.10.16) at Combe Davey, Somerset by kind invitation of our Chairman, Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones. Richard Bott and his team of guns generously allowed us to join them for which we are very appreciative.

Our Judges were Tim Shipp (A), Clare Wood (B), Julia Redpath and Morton Redpath. Our thanks to all of them but especially Tim who stepped in at the 11th hour.

1st Mary Palk’s Tallygold Blackthorn (GR D) who won the Grayspeed Tut Trophy for the winner, the Streamcombe Trophy for the Highest Placed Lady Handler and the Tallygold Blackthorn Salver for the Highest Placed Golden Retriever.

COMs were awarded to:
Sally Ashby’s Movenne Cougar at Tunnelwood (Lab B) and Jill Gardner’s Chishillhyde Lisa (Lab B).

Unfortunately the Guns were not able to watch enough of the dog work to pick their winner of Guns’ Choice. The Purdey Cup was therefore chosen by the Judges for the best retrieve of the day and the dog they thought the Guns would most like to have sitting beside them at a peg; this was awarded to Alex Brain’s Astraglen Italia.

On behalf of the Club, our thanks to everyone who helped make the day a success and many congratulations to those in the awards.

Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club