Conditions of Entry


All EGC GWTs are held under Kennel Club Regulations (J Regs) and their Code of Conduct.

Dogs should have a current vaccination certificate including Parvo-Virus disease.

Bitches in season or any dog that has been exposed to a contagious/infectious disease twenty one days prior to the test must not be brought to the ground.

If not using FTMS, please send a separate cheque for each dog entered made payable to the Exmoor Gundog Club (this is for accounting purposes in case of a withdrawal) made payable to the Exmoor Gundog Club.  Entries without separate cheques for each dog and/or the appropriate fee will not be entered in the draw.  Telephone and email entries cannot be accepted.

Withdrawals made after the draw has been sent out will forfeit the entry fee unless supported by a Veterinary or Medical Certificate but also for extenuating circumstances.

If, after the closing, a dog wins out of Novice Dog/Novice Handler or Novice, a refund of the entry fee will be offered or if preferred, the opportunity to run ‘not for competition’.

There will be a £10 charge for any lost armband or dummy that is known to have been damaged by a competing dog.

Trophies are restricted to members only.

Directions will be sent with the result of the draw. Please either give an email address or enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

For GWTs with an unlimited entry number

Dogs may be entered ‘not for competition’ but this will be at the Organisers’ discretion subject to the test not being over-subscribed.

In exceptional circumstances, entries will be permitted after the draw but not after the running order has been printed.

For GWTs with a limited entry number

Entries cannot be accepted after the draw has taken place and the result sent out.

If entering more than one dog in the same test, please specify the order of preference in the draw; members’ first dogs will be given priority.

Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club