Results of our AV Retriever Puppy, ND/NH and Novice GWTs held today (18.6.17) at Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset by kind invitation of our Chairman, Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones

Judges:  Chris Gwilliam, Susan Wood, Gillian Yates and Zoe Townsend (Puppy and Novice)
Steve Ashby (ND/NH)

Puppy (12 entries, 2 withdrawals)

1st:  Mell Brooks’ Anningtonbay Maddi May Lab B
2nd: Kevin Phillips’ Fendawood Jacob Lab D
3rd: Jill Gardner’s Kaliture Coconut Star of Foxcote GR B
4th:  Barbara Dolman’s Movenne Sabine Lab B

ND/NH (10 entries, 1 withdrawal)

1st:  Steve Ricketts’ Hollowbrook Carron Lab B
2nd: Mel Peek’s Tallygold Vieillot GR B
3rd: Julian Smith’s Flintsfield Fortunate Find Lab D
4th:  Carolan Smerdon’s Wellsummer Anastasia Lab B

Novice (26 entries, 6 withdrawals)

1st:  June Barrie’s Braybrook Ruby Lab B
2nd: Sarah Lowman’s Laverton Meadow Cowslip Lab B
3rd:  Caroline Caines’ Gortons Bannatynes GR B
4th:  Michelle Cox’s Manormynd Vision of Wickmoor Lab D
COM: Mell Brooks’ Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay


Results of our Open and Veteran AV Retriever GWTs held on 23.4.17 at Little Bray Farm, Brayford, Devon by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Clifford Frost.

Judges:  Mrs Sally Jenkins (A1883) and Mr Shane Padbury

Open (20 entries, 3 withdrawals)

Judith Evans’ Tallygold Mulberry GR D
2nd: Caroline Nunneley’s Lillyhorn Peregrine Lab D
3rd: Alex Brain’s Astaglen Italia Lab D
4th: Zoe Townsend’s Saintcyres Cavendish Lab D
Beth Payne’s Kilpen Lioness of Movenne Lab B
Mary Palk’s Tallygold Blackthorn GR D

Veteran (2 entries)

1st: David Heath’s Olivertash Cedar of Hollowbram Lab B
2nd: Jim Short’s Caymen Roshatley GR B


Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club