AV Retriever Puppy (6 – 18 months), ND/NH
Little Bray Farm, Brayford, Devon by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Frost
Sunday, 19th June
Judges: Judith Evans (B2898) and Matt Gould (Puppies and ND/NH)
Vickie Prichard, Jo Fergie and Matt Gould (Novice)

Puppies (9 entries)
Run off for 1st and 2nd
1st: Jessica Latham’s Lab D Zennawood Pitch Perfect
2nd Julie Taylor’s Lab D Robend Alnilam of Withyrose
3rd Mel Brooks’ Lab D Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay
4th Mo Sweet’s FCR B Hoaroak Hill

Novice Dog/Novice Handler (9 entries)
1st Sue Watkins’ Grantown Breeze

Novice (20 entries, 3 withdrawals)
1st Maureen Jennings’ Lab B Tunnelwood Flycatcher
2nd Trish Watson’s Lab B Siri Mrembo at Ndebele
3rd Frank Fitheridge’s Lab D Westall Tolley
Pete Nicholas’ GR B Grayspeed Lafitte
Robin Gray’s GR B Haraka Kat of Grayspeed

The weather was appalling and got steadily worse during the day. A big thank you to our Judges, Dummy throwers and Stewards who remarkably were still smiling at the end of the day! This was a new ground and our Hosts’, Clifford and Rosie Frost, were the epitomy of hospitality both during many visits beforehand to set up the tests and today – thank you.

AV Retriever Open and Veteran on 24.4.16
Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset

Judges: Ken Green (B3366), Mrs Jane Mann (NP3433) and Mrs Isobel Whitford

One can plan for most things but not a group of motorcyclists followed not long after by a string of polo ponies, accompanied by various dogs, going through the middle of a test! Needless to say this held up proceedings quite significantly so a big thank you to the Judges, Helpers and the competitors for their forebearance with what turned out to be a very long day. Many congratulations to the handlers and dogs below:

Open (32 entries)
1st and winner of the Tunnelwood Cup
Frank Fitheridge’s FTCh Hanrebor Blackberry Lab D 28.6.11
2nd Gill Yates’ Lubbecke Simone Lab B
3rd Julie Kelvie’s Willowyck Tank from Streamcombe Lab D 14.1.13
Sally Ashby’s Morvenne Cougar at Tunnelwood Lab D 5.6.12
Judith Evans’ Tallygold Mulberry GR D 26.9.10
Caroline Nunneley’s Lillyhorn Peregrine Lab D 3.5.10

Veteran (4 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st and winner of the Bojangles Trophy
Stuart Robson’s Haddeo Hermia GR B 17.6.06
2nd Judith Evans’ FTCh Haddeo Snipe GR D 17.6.06
3rd David Heath’s Olivertash Cedar of Hollowbram Lab B 14.12.06

Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club