Novice, Puppy (6 – 18 months) and Novice Dog/Novice Handler on 21.6.15
Dulverton, Somerset

Judges: Puppy: Alex Brain, ND/NH: Sheila Neary, Novice: Judy Rainey, Chris Damon and Alex Brain

Novice (25 entries, 2 withdrawals)

1st: Jane Manley’s Lab D Lenyam Justintime
2nd: Keith Manley’s FCR D Lenyam Solaway
3rd: Jill Smith’s Lab D Lubbecke Imperial Star
4th: Ann Ross-Smith’s GR D Grayspeed Currack of Canburne
Jo Fergie’s Lab B Highdunscott Torvil of Skylight
Robin Gray’s GR B Haraka Kat of Grayspeed

Puppy 6 – 18 months (9 entries, 1 withdrawal)

1st: Zena Churchward’s Lab B Castlemans Sahara of Ashport
2nd: Jane Manley’s Lab B Charterstone Topaz of Lenyam
(Run off for 1st and 2nd)
3rd: Sally Ashby’s Lab D Morvenne Cougar at Tunnelwood
4th: Kate Blye’s Lab B Southstorian Asteria Light
Steve Ashby’s FCR D Tunnelwood Phantom
Trish Watson’s Lab D Siri Mrembo at Ndebele

Novice Dog/Novice Handler (7 entries, 1 withdrawal)
Lynne Ojo’s Lab B Regorlieu Countess
Susie Kennett’s Lab D Magnavalleys Ludovic

A big thank you to the Judges, Judy Rainey, Chris Damon and Alex Brain, and the helpers – all of whom made the day a success and one that the competitors thoroughly enjoyed.

Open and Veteran AV Retriever on 26.4.15
Combe Davey, near Taunton, Somerset

Judges: Mrs Gwen Knox, Mr Keith Manley and Mrs Jane Manley

Open: (23 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st: Gillian Yates with Lubbecke Royal Sapphire Lab B 22.3.11
After a run off between four dogs who were only one mark behind the winner:
2nd: Caroline Nunneley with Lillyhorn Peregrine Lab D 3.5.10
3rd: Sally Ashby with Tunnelwood Tanager Lab D 2.6.12
4th: Robin Gray with Grayspeed Kapuki GR B 4.2.09
COM: Chris Damon with Heathergaye Herald Lab D 3.3.10

Veteran: (8 entries)
1st: Alex Brain with Noiroche Alabasta Lab D 29.9.05
2nd: Trish Watson with Ndebele Fundi Lab D 12.1.05
3rd: Don Thorne with Allerford Plover Lab B 19.11.04
4th: Caroline Nunneley with Milheath Ginger Quill Lab B 31.1.05
COM: David Heath with Olivertash Cedar of Hollowbram Lab B 14.12.06

Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club