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AV Retriever Puppy (6 – 18 months) and Novice
Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset on Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

Judges:  Mary Jane Opie (B3040), Pete Leyden and Julie Taylor

PUPPY (10 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st: Shane King’s Lab B Mekoro Fast Pursuit
2nd: Kevin Phillips’ Lab D Farthorpe Baloo
3rd: Ann Bracegirdle’s FCR D Mahinda Bombus Heath
Karen Handley’s Lab B Peterspond Squirrel
Jim Short’s GR B Macan Roshatley

NOVICE (20 entries, 3 withdrawals)
1st: Shane King’s Lab B Sentiero Fizz
2nd: Barbara Dolman’s Lab B Movenne Sabine
Run off for 3rd and 4th
3rd: Jo Fergie’s Lab B Skyflight Allthatjazz
4th: Karen Handley’s Lab B Inchailloch Estuary at Peterspond
Jim Short’s GR B Loxhore Amber Roshatley

AV Retriever Novice Dog/Novice Handler
Rexton Gorse, Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset on Saturday, 11th May, 2019

Judges:  Judith Evans (B2898) and Mary Palk (NP)

1st: Danielle Print’s Lab B Exmoor Girl
2nd: Emily Lyons’ Lab D Fenncliffe Morning Frost

AV Retriever Open and Veteran GWT
Stones Cottage, Henlade, Taunton, Somerset on Sunday, 24th March, 2019

Judges:  Judy Rainey (A59), Mary Jarrod and Jill Gardner

1st  – Jess Latham’s Pitch Perfect Lab D  22.5.15
2nd – Gill Yates’ Lubbecke Simone  Lab B  1.5.13
3rd – Mary Jane Opie’s Studebaker Bugatti Lab D  30.4.13
4th – Karen Handley’s Sunstar Gadwall at Peterspond Lab D  9.9.13
COMs – Caroline Nunneley’s Lillyhorn Peregrine Lab D  3.5.10 who also won the Bojangles Trophy for Best Veteran
Roland Stacey’s Somerset Barney Lab D  16.6.14
Kevin Phillips’ Fendawood Jacob Lab D  28.6.16


AV Retriever Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Novice GWT
Great Bradley, Withypool, Somerset on Sunday 17th June, 2018

Judges:  Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones (A156), Roger Davis and Mary Palk

Puppy (10 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st Caroline Nunneley’s Lab D Movenne Tanner
2nd Roland Stacey’s Lab D Kensteen Kansas Star
3rd Jo Fergie’s Lab B Skyflight Allthatjazz

Novice (22 entries, 2 withdrawals, 2 NFC)
1st Pete Nicholas’ Lab D Skanseara Rockfeller
2nd Jo Yates’ Lab D Kenquince Meet Meet on the Star
3rd Sam Ricketts’ Lab B Hollowbrook Carron
4th Michelle Cox’s Mekoro Storm Surge of Wickmoor
Barbara Dolman’s Lab B Movenne Sabine
Mo Sweet’s FCR B Hoaroak Hill
Pete Leyden Lab B Ticefield Nightjar
Jo Fergie’s Lab D Percy Pine of Skyflight

ND/NH (8 entries) judged by Sheila Neary
1st Tessa Lake’s Lab B Room Hill Rhubarb
2nd Carolan Smerdon’s Lab Smale Jaffa
3rd Danielle Print’s Lab B Exmoor Girl
4th Edith Kreutner GR B Auchencloch Fable

AV Retriever Open and Veteran GWT
Combe Davey on Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

Judges:  Steve Ashby (A2549), Alan Ging and Sally Ashby

Open (31 entries, 3 withdrawals)
1st Caroline Nunneley Lab D Lillyhorn Peregrine
2nd Julie Kelvie’s Lab D Willowyck Tank from Streamcombe
3rd Jane Manley’s Lab D Lenyam Justintime
4th Mary Jarrod’s GR D Chishillhyde Lewis

Veteran (5 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st Julie Kelvie’s Lab D Streamcombe Tavy
2nd Mary Jarrod’s GR D Lilleburne Ripple Reed










Exmoor Gundog Club

Exmoor Gundog Club