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Results of the Exmoor Gundog Club’s AV Retriever Puppy (6 – 18 months) and Novice GWTs held today (19.6.22) at Combe Davey, Somerset by kind invitation of our Chairman Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones.
After the recent hot weather all tests were set in the woods; it was an unnecessary precaution but at least it didn’t rain!
Special thanks to our Judges – David Godding, Jess Latham, Charlotte Wear and Dr Tim who stood in to replace our fourth Judge who was unable to come today.
1st: dropping only one mark was Bryony Hamilton’s Lab B Welige Lady Sybil of Wight
2nd: Lee Burdett’s Lab B Hintonbreeze Cote D’Azur
3rd: Emma Champion”s Lab B Bellesbank Shooting Star
COM’s to Mike Andersen’s GR B Foxcote Winter Storm
Jenny Hill’s Madgeons Lab D Mooncroft
1st: Lee Burdett’s Lab B Shadowed Rose of Hintonbreeze
2nd: Shane King’s Lab D Trosan Kite
3rd: Gill Yates’ Arcklebear Lab B Walcote of Lubbecke
4th: Mervyn Newnes’ Lab B Castletioram Nighean Alba
COM: Sally Ashby’s Trewhinney Shotgun
Many congratulations to all those in the awards.
As always, a huge thank you to our helpers: Carol Johns, Sally Bickersteth, Shaun Caddy, Julie Kelvie, Mo Sweet and Mark Andrews.
Last, but by no means least, thank you Skinners for your continued support and sponsorship of our Club.
We held the first event of our tenth anniversary year🥂🎉, an AV Retriever Open and Veteran GWT at Combe Davey today (3.4.22). Despite snow being forecast, we were blessed with glorious Spring sunshine after a very chilly start.
Our Judges were Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones, Kelvin Nettlingham, Mary Palk and Mandy Smith.

Thirty dogs took part after seven withdrawals and the results were:

1st Robin Gray’s Lab Dog Binneybottom Bullfrog Blue at Grayspeed.

2nd Karen Handley’s Lab B Peterspond Squirrel
3rd and Best Veteran Sarah Lowman’s Lab B Laverton Meadow Cowslip
4th Jess Latham’s Lab D Zennawood Perfect Pitch
COMs Marion Hanman’s GR B Salander Ruby Tuesday
Philip Dyson’s Lab B Copperbirch Cabernet of TallamelieAs the Club’s Working Test Secretary I am privileged to be part of an amazing Committee who make my role so much easier and without whom our events would not run as smoothly. My sincere thanks to them and of course our wonderful Judges who did the competitors proud.


AV Retriever Puppy (6 – 18 months) and Novice
Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset on Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

Judges:  Mary Jane Opie (B3040), Pete Leyden and Julie Taylor

PUPPY (10 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st: Shane King’s Lab B Mekoro Fast Pursuit
2nd: Kevin Phillips’ Lab D Farthorpe Baloo
3rd: Ann Bracegirdle’s FCR D Mahinda Bombus Heath
Karen Handley’s Lab B Peterspond Squirrel
Jim Short’s GR B Macan Roshatley

NOVICE (20 entries, 3 withdrawals)
1st: Shane King’s Lab B Sentiero Fizz
2nd: Barbara Dolman’s Lab B Movenne Sabine
Run off for 3rd and 4th
3rd: Jo Fergie’s Lab B Skyflight Allthatjazz
4th: Karen Handley’s Lab B Inchailloch Estuary at Peterspond
Jim Short’s GR B Loxhore Amber Roshatley

AV Retriever Novice Dog/Novice Handler
Rexton Gorse, Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset on Saturday, 11th May, 2019

Judges:  Judith Evans (B2898) and Mary Palk (NP)

1st: Danielle Print’s Lab B Exmoor Girl
2nd: Emily Lyons’ Lab D Fenncliffe Morning Frost

AV Retriever Open and Veteran GWT
Stones Cottage, Henlade, Taunton, Somerset on Sunday, 24th March, 2019

Judges:  Judy Rainey (A59), Mary Jarrod and Jill Gardner

1st  – Jess Latham’s Pitch Perfect Lab D  22.5.15
2nd – Gill Yates’ Lubbecke Simone  Lab B  1.5.13
3rd – Mary Jane Opie’s Studebaker Bugatti Lab D  30.4.13
4th – Karen Handley’s Sunstar Gadwall at Peterspond Lab D  9.9.13
COMs – Caroline Nunneley’s Lillyhorn Peregrine Lab D  3.5.10 who also won the Bojangles Trophy for Best Veteran
Roland Stacey’s Somerset Barney Lab D  16.6.14
Kevin Phillips’ Fendawood Jacob Lab D  28.6.16


AV Retriever Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Novice GWT
Great Bradley, Withypool, Somerset on Sunday 17th June, 2018

Judges:  Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones (A156), Roger Davis and Mary Palk

Puppy (10 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st Caroline Nunneley’s Lab D Movenne Tanner
2nd Roland Stacey’s Lab D Kensteen Kansas Star
3rd Jo Fergie’s Lab B Skyflight Allthatjazz

Novice (22 entries, 2 withdrawals, 2 NFC)
1st Pete Nicholas’ Lab D Skanseara Rockfeller
2nd Jo Yates’ Lab D Kenquince Meet Meet on the Star
3rd Sam Ricketts’ Lab B Hollowbrook Carron
4th Michelle Cox’s Mekoro Storm Surge of Wickmoor
Barbara Dolman’s Lab B Movenne Sabine
Mo Sweet’s FCR B Hoaroak Hill
Pete Leyden Lab B Ticefield Nightjar
Jo Fergie’s Lab D Percy Pine of Skyflight

ND/NH (8 entries) judged by Sheila Neary
1st Tessa Lake’s Lab B Room Hill Rhubarb
2nd Carolan Smerdon’s Lab Smale Jaffa
3rd Danielle Print’s Lab B Exmoor Girl
4th Edith Kreutner GR B Auchencloch Fable

AV Retriever Open and Veteran GWT
Combe Davey on Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

Judges:  Steve Ashby (A2549), Alan Ging and Sally Ashby

Open (31 entries, 3 withdrawals)
1st Caroline Nunneley Lab D Lillyhorn Peregrine
2nd Julie Kelvie’s Lab D Willowyck Tank from Streamcombe
3rd Jane Manley’s Lab D Lenyam Justintime
4th Mary Jarrod’s GR D Chishillhyde Lewis

Veteran (5 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st Julie Kelvie’s Lab D Streamcombe Tavy
2nd Mary Jarrod’s GR D Lilleburne Ripple Reed










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